A New Year's Family
A New Year’s Family is a love story about two ducks named Sarah and Christopher that meet on New Year's Day: the boy duck looks very different from the other ducks. Sarah and the animals and birds and insects around the bayou all learn the important lesson of physical appearance having little to do with who you are on the inside!
The purpose in this book is: throughout our lives we meet new people and make new friends, and we hope you will discover that appears is not what’s important. Every day try to make a difference!

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Cookie Grimes
Photo by Alfred M. Garcia

Meet Cookie Coz Grimes

My passion in writing children's books is to share friendship, loyalty and integrity through the true animal characters I've been blessed with in my life. I try to offer ideas to suggest and become aware of the tools we need to get through Life's challenges and I write stories the way I see the characters in real life.

My books are filled with the love and compassion the characters exhibit around me and are not only for children, but for everyone, no matter what age.


Public Appearances

Cookie is available for inspirational presentations and book signings at schools, libraries, and all organizations! Cookie works with both children and adult groups, sharing her inspiration. Contact Cookie for more information.


Want to know more about horses?

Cookie Grimes offers a gentle, natural, intelligent approach to Total Communication: Sensible Equine Awareness. Cookie can help create a positive change to the relationship between you and your horse.

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Jake the Cow Horse
Jake the Cow Horse is a love story inspired by an old palomino horse and a young Montana cowgirl. The story captures the bond between the two as they learn the transformative power of love. It's a horse story you'll never forget!
This book is a beautiful reminder to children and adults alike that all of God’s creatures are meant to be treated kindly. It only takes a few seconds to pass along a compliment or lend a helping hand; you’ll be surprised how this simple act will make you feel!

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